Five Reasons Why You're NOT HAPPY With Your Landscape Photography

In my experience, photographers go through ruts or droughts.

When a photographer is in one of these droughts, they feel un-inspired and lack luster about the art-form they love.

They feel this way because they aren’t happy with their landscape photography.

There’s no way of knowing when this will happen, but there is a way that all landscape photographers can react to it accordingly.

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EASY Workflow For AMAZING Landscape Photography

I’ve noticed that post processing software can be an intimidating reason that people stick with one editing software and never switch even if they are over-paying.

Case in point, Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you aren’t familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud, it’s a photographer’s special that comes with an annoying monthly payment. From what I’ve seen on social media, photographers do not like monthly payment plans. I feel the same.

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How to Use PhotoPills For Your Landscape Photography

Since I’ve been a landscape photographer I’ve looked for apps that I could use to help me plan my landscape photography.

For the longest time I used The Photographer’s Ephimeris (who has recently come out with a very functional iPhone app.)

I found their platform a little lacking in everything I wanted to know about a day.

In a photography app, I want something that will do more than I want to know. I want endless possibilities so that I’m not left hanging when an epic sunset comes my way.

Enter PhotoPills.

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Wicklow Mountains, Ireland Trip Report

When I first booked a trip to Ireland, I pictured a lot of seascape photos that I could take. Probably because I thought that Ireland had some rolling hills, but was primarily made up of dramatic sea cliffs and crashing waves. However, I was wrong about a lot of things that people typically think of when they think of Ireland.

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How Lack of Story is Killing Landscape Photography

Right now, we are seeing some really questionable things going on in landscape photography.

Trophy hunting, or the act of only trying to copy epic photos of stunning locations, is running rampant.

People are trampling fragile environments with little to no understanding of the harmful effects they cause.

There are countless of stories photographers could tell based on the damages that Instagram has seemed to cause.

Right now, we have to think about what is the cause of these problems.

There has to be something deep down at the root of this.

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How to Take the BEST Black and White Landscape Photography

I started out my photography career with a 35mm film camera that only shot black and white photographs. I loved the whole process of taking the photo and then using a dark room and chemicals to extract the image from photo paper.

After I switched to digital, however, I tended to only shoot color photos.

I LOVE COLOR IMAGES. The impact you can create from a photo with colors is unlike anything I had ever experienced.

But, I never lost my love of black and whites. There’s just something so simple and beautiful about black and white landscape photography.

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5 Things EVERY Photographer Should Remember

Step into the shoes of a photographer for a moment. Well, I guess I should say step into the boots, waders, sandals, or cramp-ons of a photographer since we tend to wear so many types of footwear when we are working.

You’re standing in front of your top bucket list place and you’re holding the camera. The photo is great, but a better composition would be in that fragile ecosystem to your right. Or, another photographer is already standing in the perfect composition setup that you want.

What do you do?

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