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Landscape Photography in Outer Banks, North Carolina Trip Report

Every year I try to take a trip somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to shoot photos. Landscape photography trips can be a great way to tackle a new photography location, use new landscape photography gear, or simply churn out some amazing photos to build your portfolio. I’ve been talking with some of my friends in the landscape photography community about how badly I’ve wanted to shoot in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. This month I finally was able to make that happen thanks to a free flight voucher and some blank space on my calendar. Buckle up because I covered a lot of ground while I was in the Outer Banks and I’ll talk about all of it in this trip report.

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How to Get Better Colors in Your Landscape Photography

Learning how to control color as a landscape photographer is a bigger deal than you think. Color and color pairing in landscapes is essential when it comes to taking better landscape photographs. In this video, I wanted to break down some photo tips of how to control color in landscape photography.

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What Lens Is Better For Landscape Photography 70-200mm f2.8 or f4

I think there's a natural progression of lens choice for landscape photographers. People love the wide angle lens. No doubt, it's an awesome lens. In fact, I still use my ALL THE TIME. However, I get tired of those epic wide angle scenes that fit everything into the frame. It's counter-intuitive, I know. After the wide angle, people move to the 70-200mm lens for landscape photography.

And that begs the question; what lens is better for landscape photography? The 70-200mm f2.8 or f4?

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