Killer Sandstorm in Death Valley - Dusty Doddridge

One of my good photography friends is Dusty Doddridge. I owe a lot of my photography locations to him. I also owe a lot of my best shots to him as they usually came when we were shooting together in Tennessee.

It’s for that reason that I had to get Dusty on the Stories About Photos podcast.

From our countless trails we’ve hiked together, and many miles driven, I know Dusty has some wild stories from his experiences shooting landscape photography.

I knew that I could literally tell Dusty which story I wanted to hear and he could create an elaborate tapestry of details that would extend for thirty minutes. Too easy on my end!

On this podcast episode, Dusty shares his experience of enduring a wild sandstorm in Death Valley en route to get this shot…

Photo by Dusty Doddridge

Photo by Dusty Doddridge

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