Dealing With Photography Burnout

The year was 2017 and I had been a photographer for several years.

I love photography and the entire creative process for shooting landscapes.

But I was burnt out. I didn’t want to touch my camera.

This was around the same time that I moved to Haiti too.

I didn’t touch my camera for landscape photography for six months.

Recently, I had the chance to talk about my burnout and landscape photography with fellow photographer, Matt Payne, on his podcast F-Stop, Collaborate, and Listen.


We covered some really interesting topics during out hour long talk including:

1. David's experience with burnout.

2. His move to Haiti and what photography life is like there.

3. How podcasting has influenced his photography.

4. Location sharing.


I also had the fun opportunity to talk about some of my favorite photographers too!

Here are the photographers that I recommended for the podcast:

1. Paul Hassell.

2. Michael Frye.

3. Jason Hatfield.

4. Nigel Danson.

5. John Barclay.

Take the time to listen to the entire episode!

David JohnstonComment