Landscape photography can be tough, especially in locations where humans don't venture very often. I have been shooting landscapes in some of the most pristine locations for multiple years. I found from an early stage that I am able to construct photographs featuring famous locations that no one has ever composed before. In fact, that's what drives me in nature. Famous, but unique.


Adventure photography started as a hobby for me. I began by documenting trips with friends, but that turned into a new style of photography featuring specific activities in nature, and products that belong outdoors. Adventure photography is a unique combination of portrait photography, product photography, and landscape photography; featuring both humans, goods, gear, and nature


Time lapse photography combines both video and photography by compressing thousands of images into a rapid video sequence. I love time lapse because you never know what's going to happen at any given moment. When I spend hours out in the field or on location, nothing makes me happier than when that time is well spent and I can deliver the time lapse to my client that exceeds expectations.



Video is one of the fastest growing media outlets that companies and organizations can use to reveal their work to grow their audiences and expand their reach. In my career, I've been able to work on short videos, aerial videos, time-lapse videos, and long documentary projects. Even if a video is just 30 seconds long, it can carry a powerful message.



When I first started my professional career as a photographer, I knew I wanted to teach. Photography workshops allow me to combine a passion or photography with a passion of teaching. I love sharing post-processing techniques and in-field strategies to teach people how they can achieve better photographs themselves. 



Photographing people can be a challenging task. You want the moment to be perfect and natural. I have studied portrait photography and humanitarian photography extensively to create my own unique style of capturing people in their natural element to express a specific emotion from each image. I've grown to love capturing images of people doing great things to improve the world.



Aerial photography has quickly become one of the most fun uses of imagery that I've discovered. I'ts amazing to send my drone up into the air and capture different perspectives in photos and videos. In my career, I've been able to reveal new ways of looking at locations and projects to my clients through the air.