Private Post Processing Workshops

David is available to work with you at a private post processing photography workshops.  While some people prefer to learn in a group environment, others find more success working one-on-one with an instructor.  David is very passionate and knowledgeable about post processing techniques in Lightroom and loves teaching people about editing photos to make locations look like they did in real life. It is his desire for you to learn everything you can about Lightroom.

David offers private photography workshops in an hourly format.  All private post processing workshops include one on one instruction of Lightroom in a private Google+ Hangout. This format allows you to see David’s screen as he teaches, as well as letting David instruct while you work on your photos.

David’s extensive knowledge of Lightroom allows him to easily customize a private post processing workshop to include a wide variety of tools and techniques that would suit anyone.


One Hour Session: $100

Two Hour Session: $250

To learn more about David’s private post processing workshops or to reserve a date, please shoot me an email.

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